Proper wine storage is essential to ensure that your precious bottles retain their unique characteristics and lush flavors over time. As a wine cellar that values quality, we want to share the secrets for the correct storage of wines. Follow this detailed guide and enhance your experience with each tasting!

  • Ideal Temperature: Keep your wines in a temperature-controlled environment between 12°C and 16°C. Thermal fluctuation can damage the integrity of the wine, compromising the aroma and flavor. Avoid places like the kitchen or near sources of extreme calluses, such as fireplaces.
  • Preserving Darkness: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or artificial light. Store the bottles in a dark place to protect the wine from harmful UV rays.
  • Controlled Humidity: The ideal relative humidity ranges between 50% and 80%. Maintaining this range prevents the corks from drying out and helps maintain the airtight seal.
  • Bottle Position: Store bottles with pull-out stoppers. This keeps the cork moist, preventing dryness and unwanted air that could affect the flavor. Wines with a screw cap can be stored vertically or horizontally.
  • Avoid Vibrations: Position your bottles in a place where they are not subject to constant vibrations. Vibrations can disturb the natural sediments in the wine and speed up the aging process.

With these tips, your personal wine cellar will be ready to preserve your wines in an exceptional way. The care in storage will be rewarded with each glass tasted, celebrating the best that the world of wine has to offer. Cheers and happy tastings!

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