Native Portuguese grape variety originating in the North of the country, where it is most present. It is known by different names depending on the region, while in Minho it is called Vinhão, in the Douro and in the rest of the country, it is known as Sousão.

This variety is famous for its intense color extraction. In fact, it’s so vibrant that it’s often mistaken for a dyer. This characteristic makes Vinhão a variety often used in Port Wine to give more color to the wine.

The wines produced from Vinhão have a very intense red colour and a very high acidity. In addition, they have rich aromas such as blackberry, raspberry, and plum. They are full-bodied wines with good astringency, making them a popular choice for those who love robust and flavorful wines.

Despite being an autochthonous Portuguese grape variety, Vinhão has also found a place in other parts of the world. In addition to Portugal, it can be found in Spain, where it is known as Sousón. It has also spread to well-known regions such as Australia, California in the United States, and South Africa, where it is typically used to produce liqueur wines.

Tasting Suggestions

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