Grape Variety Autochthonous Portuguese present throughout the national territory, mainly in the regions of Dão and Douro, both claim their origin. Dão is the strongest candidate and Touriga Nacional was the most planted grape variety in the region before phylloxera.

Touriga Nacional is a versatile grape variety that is often praised for the exceptional quality of the wines it produces. It is used to create all kinds of wines. It shines especially in the world-acclaimed Port Wines, where it adds depth and character.

Wines made from Touriga Nacional are known for their intense and deep coloring. The aromas are complex and make up a traditional mark of this variety. The notes of black fruits, such as blackberry and plum, combine with the characteristic floral touch of violet, giving it a unique elegance. On the palate, Touriga Nacional reveals itself with solid tannins, a balanced acidity and a rich profusion of flavors.

It is part of the group of grape varieties that improves with age. Wines made from Touriga Nacional exhibit a remarkable ageing capacity. As they rest in the bottle, the tannins soften and the aromatic and flavour complexity develops further, transforming them into true oenological masterpieces.

Touriga Nacional gained international fame and crossed borders, today it is present in countries such as: Spain, France, South Africa, Australia, California (USA) and Brazil. In 2020 it became part of the list of grape varieties authorized for planting in Bordeaux.

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