Initially, the origin of the Jaen grape variety was a mystery. Nowadays, it is already known that it has Spanish origins, where it is known as Mencía.

In Portugal, the Jean grape variety is mainly present in Dão, where it has adapted better. It also appears in the Douro, Bairrada, Lisbon, Tagus and continues to spread throughout the country.

It has little colouring matter and little natural acidity , but it is a fragrant variety, vehement in the fruity notes of blackberry and blueberry, ignited in the aromas of cherry. Slightly rustic, it offers soft and silky wines, which round out quickly.

This is a vigorous, extraordinarily productive variety, which requires tight weeding.

Tasting Suggestions:

  • Casa Américo Jaen
  • Kelman Ten Grape Varieties
  • Kelman Red