From the union of a winemaker and a sommelier, a wine-related project had to come out.

From this common point was born Garrafeira Tesouros de Baco.

We are a new proposal for an online store, whose mission is to show Portuguese wines to the world and to the Portuguese the wines of the world.

On our website you will find the treasures we have to present to you.

Our Mission

Show the Portuguese Wines to the World and the Wines of the World to the Portuguese!


Isabela Ferreira
Gonçalo Cosme


I am Luso-Brazilian, I was born in Rio de Janeiro where I lived and graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, I ventured into an experience across borders, doing the Master’s Degree in Oenology and Viticulture, at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, in Lisbon, after discovering the passion for wine in the tastings of a group of Oenophiles in which I participated.

I did an internship in wineries in the Lisbon Region , to learn more about the processes in wine production, to stay abreast of the whole process and to be able to combine theory with practice. Thinking about the future, getting to know the production in other regions.

After the Master’s Degree I started to study and improve the test part, where I did the WSET level 2, with the goal being to continue to deepen the test technique.


Being from the region of Torres Vedras, I was born close to vineyards and wine, but it was in the Oenology classes of the Degree in Catering, that I discovered my true passion for wine.

After an experience in a restaurant, where I was able to work with a good wine list, the opportunity arose to work directly in the wine tourism of a winery and get to know all the processes up close.

I also embarked on a wine distribution project in the Lisbon region.

I took the Sommelier course at one of the schools of Turismo de Portugal, and I am currently studying for WSET level 3.

A project that escapes the traditional offer of large supermarkets

We met at a winery in the Lisbon region, where we started talking and sharing our taste for wine.

The wine cellar project was already being thought of, but it got off the ground in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, trying to make up for the lack of access to some wines, especially international wines, essential for WSET training, wanting to escape the traditional offer of large supermarkets.

The choice of our name was not easy, as we wanted something different, but with some connection to wine, hence our name the treasures of the god of wine – Garrafeira Tesouros de Baco